Online MBA Curriculum

Online Master of  Business Administration Curriculum

Build your business acumen with the same advanced business leadership courses offered through our prestigious on-campus degree programs. Learn to leverage big data to make sound business decisions rooted in facts. Examine entrepreneurship, data analytics, management, information systems, ethics, the global economic environment, financial accounting, operations, negotiation, leadership, human capital and more. A strong working knowledge of these topics can help you become a well-rounded leader with the ability to work successfully across teams and departments.

Our online MBA consists of 54 credit hours, which breaks down into 24 credits Foundation One, 24 credits Foundation Two, a Global Study (4 credits) or International Business (2 credits) course, and 4 credits Residency: 2 credits Opening Residency and 2 credits Capstone Residency.  The program can be completed in as few as 24 months.

Foundation I Courses

Corporate Finance (I)2 Credits
Data Analysis2 Credits
Decision Modeling2 Credits
Entrepreneurship2 Credits
Financial Accounting2 Credits
Leadership and Teamwork2 Credits
Managerial Accounting2 Credits
Managerial Economics and Public Policy2 Credits
Marketing Management2 Credits
Strategic Information Systems2 Credits
Supply Chain Management2 Credits
The Global Economic Environment2 Credits

Foundation II Courses

Action Learning Projects (I & II)4 Credits
Corporate Finance (II)2 Credits
Ethical Leadership2 Credits
Executive Powers and Negotiation2 Credits
Operations Management2 Credits
Organizational Change2 Credits
Strategic Management2 Credits
Business Communications2 Credits


Opening Residency: Introduction to Fundamentals of Business2 Credits
Capstone Residency: Integrative Business Simulation 2 Credits

Foundation II Selectives

Corporate Venturing2 Credits
International Business2 Credits
Global Study4 Credits

Foundation II Accounting Selectives

Fraud Examination, Detection, and Deterrence in the Business Environment2 Credits
The Impact of Taxation on Business Entities2 Credits
Financial Planning and Control Systems for Managers and Consultants2 Credits

Foundation II Finance Selectives

Commercial Bank Management2 Credits
Applied Equity Analysis2 Credits
Financial Restructuring2 Credits

Foundation II Information Systems & Business Analytics Selectives

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics2 Credits
Managing Digital Businesses and Platforms2 Credits
Social Media and Web Analytics 2 Credits

Foundation II Marketing Selectives

Consumer Behavior2 Credits
Marketing Analytics2 Credits
Customer Equity Management2 Credits

Foundation II Supply Chain Management Selectives

Global Trade Logistics2 Credits
Innovative Solutions to Supply Chain Challenges2 Credits
Supply Chain Risk Management2 Credits