Is it Time to Get Your MBA? Best 3 Reasons to Do it Online

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Many people looking to get an MBA are balancing work and family life to the best of their abilities. Adding school into the mix is not easy. But getting your MBA online, offers many distinct advantages.

Extraordinary Convenience

Getting your MBA online offers extraordinary convenience. Forget about driving to school, finding a parking spot or running to make it into the classroom on time. When you’re taking online courses, your commute to school only involves walking into your living room.

Not only does an online MBA give you the option of staying at home to take classes, it also gives you the freedom to continue working and even change careers or location in the middle of a semester. You aren’t tied down to a location, which means you could also take a vacation or travel while being enrolled in online schooling.

Also, online schooling gives you the resources you need without having to walk from building to building. The internet is the largest library in the world. Many schools offer online counseling and some even deliver the materials you’ll need for the semester right to your doorstep.

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Same Quality Education

Most online programs offer the same curriculum that students attending traditional classes receive. In addition, the pace at which online schooling is changing is astounding. Further, not only are online programs accredited, they’re poised to overtake traditional classroom learning in certain aspects.

For instance, it may no longer be accurate to say there is “no significant difference” between traditional and online learning when it comes to receiving the same education. That’s because new studies show online students are learning more than their peers in traditional class settings.

A study by IRRODL titled “Measuring MBA Student Learning: Does Distance Make a Difference,” compared 12 academic skill sets among distance learners and traditional learners. The study found online students self-reported higher scores than the campus groups on technology, quantitative skills, and theory skills.


As J. Gerald Suarez, professor of the practice in Systems Thinking and Design at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business writes in the Washington Post, “Time is your most precious currency, and investing it wisely is critical to shaping your future.”

A wise use of time is just one of the many reasons to get your MBA online. Many online MBA programs allow students to complete coursework at their own pace. This is particularly helpful for students who are currently working and don’t have the option of taking several years away from their career to complete a degree. But with the freedom found in online learning and a quality of education as high as traditional classes, online MBA students have the ability to invest their time in creating a great professional future.