6 Reasons Why Vets Are Well-Suited for Business

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Members of the armed forces and individuals in business share many of the same skills that make successful careers. Years of rigorous training, disciplined mission execution, and diverse experiences distinguish military veterans amongst their peers, and, as a result, veterans are well-suited for key business roles after service.

Infographics on 6 Reasons Why Veterans Are Well-Suited for Business

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Here are six reasons why veterans are uniquely positioned for careers in business.

1. Leadership – Military service both nurtures and requires strong leadership. Combined with an MBA, this experience makes veterans attractive candidates for management roles.

2. Communication – The military demands clear, concise communication to successfully accomplish a mission. Business also thrives on communication, and veterans can draw on well-developed skills to ensure corporate objectives remain on track.

3. Critical thinking – Strategic decisions in the military are enacted through planning and critical analysis. In a business environment, all decisions require careful consideration of resources, assets and expected outcomes.

4. Pragmatism – Service members are trained to handle extreme situations. A veteran who can stay focused on a task amid chaos is a valuable asset, even if perceived stressors in a business environment differ from those experienced in the battlespace.

5. Trustworthiness – Enlisted personnel and officers take oaths to act with integrity and truthfulness. Following honorable service, they bring this experience with them and can serve as models of integrity in the workplace.

6. Time management – Operations in the military place numerous demands on time management and attention. Military members are skilled at completing tasks in compressed time periods. Businesses thrive with managers who know how to effectively synthesize multiple inputs and create action plans to meet personal and team deadlines.

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