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Engineers analyzing data.

What Is an MSBA (Master of Science in Business Analytics)?

What is an MSBA? This degree is designed for post-grad and established professionals interested in a data analytics career. Discover what an MSBA is today.

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A woman standing in front of a group of people using computers

Business Analytics vs. Data Science: Data-Driven Decision-Making in Business

Considering business analytics vs. data science? Both fields help businesses develop smart data-driven solutions. Learn how to harness data to grow companies.

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Business analyst studies data visualization chart

Beyond the MSBA: How to Achieve the Business Analyst Skills Needed for Success

The right business analyst skills can launch exciting professional opportunities. Explore five careers that a MSBA from the University of Maryland can lead to.

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A research analyst monitors data on several screens.

How You Can Make an Impact with Business Analytics

Big Data has become an important component of business operations. We’ll show you the value of big data and those who can analyze it in this infographic.

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Is Business Analytics a Good Career?

Is business analytics a good career? Yes, because big data drives decision-making. Read on to learn more.

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A data analyst sits at his desk working with graphs and other data analytics tools on multiple computer monitors.

Business Analytics: Examples of How to Apply the Concept

Real-world business analytics examples illustrate the power of leveraging data. Learn how UMD’s online MSBA teaches the skills in demand across many industries.

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