Mike Geppi


Professor Geppi has taught at the Smith School since 2012, teaching Industry Analysis, New Venture Finance, Business Communications, Ethics, Leadership, and Negotiations for graduate students and Strategic Management/Business Policies and Managing People & Organizations for undergraduates.

His primary focus is on strategic management and the strategic implications of industry choice as a corporate level strategy. Geppi also focuses heavily on entrepreneurship and the need for extremely focused strategic design and implementation. Capital formation and complex negotiations for startup ventures and mature companies are also areas of his expertise. Throughout his career, he has successfully negotiated over $500 million in deals.

Geppi is Founder and CEO of Timbre Technologies, Inc. Timbre is a pioneer in advanced radiation detection and imaging for use in homeland security, industrial, scientific, and healthcare industries.

Prior to Timbre, Geppi was Founder and CEO of Integrata Security, a Maryland-based cybersecurity product development company. Founded in October 2012, Integrata specialized in securing wireless networking infrastructure with the world’s most sophisticated Wireless Intrusion Detection System. Geppi led Integrata through an acquisition in 2015 that added firewall assurance and enhancement software to the company’s product line. Geppi exited Integrata in 2017.

In late 2014 to mid-2015, Geppi took a hiatus from Integrata to serve as Maryland’s Deputy Secretary of Health. In this role, he was the COO for an 8,500-employee organization with a $13 billion budget. He led functional roles including Budget, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Planning, Procurement, Police and Security, Communications, and Government Relations. He also had the CEOs of two state chronic care hospitals report to him. Upon completing a reorganization plan, he returned as CEO of Integrata.

Prior to Integrata, Professor Geppi was Senior Vice President at BB&T and Vice President at M&T Bank. In his banking leadership roles, he closed deals with companies in the revenue range of $10 million to $150 million and led capital formation between $1 million and $40 million.

Professor Geppi was an entrepreneur prior to becoming a commercial banker. His first startup being The Geppi Group, Inc., a marketing and technology company focused on the logistics industry. He has worked with companies such as Sephora, Bluemecury, LVMH, Clorox, FedEx, WalMart, Best Buy, Pier One, Home Depot, Black and Decker, and Ikea.

Professor Geppi is a graduate of the Smith School with an MBA, the University of Delaware with a Master of Public Administration, and Towson University with a B.S. in Communication Studies and Political Science.

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