Business, Math, & Money Games for Students

Business, Math, & Money Games for Students

Maybe you dream of owning your own business one day, serving customers with a product or a service you provide. But even if you don’t have a goal of owning your own business, you will still need to know how to manage your money, which takes strong math skills. Play games to build your skills and knowledge and you can have fun while you learn!

Business Games

  • Be Your Own Boss: Explore the different businesses you could run in this game and choose the one you’d like to try.
  • Town Manager for a Day: Pretend that you are the town manager for a fictional city. You have the responsibility to manage the town’s funds and make the money cover all of the services provided for residents.
  • Lemonade Stand: Run your own virtual lemonade stand with this fun game. You’ll have to keep your customers happy by giving them good service.
  • Hot Shot Business: Play this game to see what it’s like being an entrepreneur. You will start your own business and run it to become a hot shot business owner.
  • Ad Decoder: Paging through magazines shows you many different advertisements. Learn about how companies use these ads to get consumers’ attention.
  • The Entrepreneur Challenge: Do you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Find out by taking this challenge quiz that asks questions about your working and earning style.
  • Chair the Fed: As chair of the Federal Reserve, you will have to make important decisions to help manage inflation and employment levels.
  • Refund Rush: See whether you have what it takes to be a tax preparer by helping your clients get the best tax refunds possible.
  • Amuse Park: Manage this amusement park to keep your guests happy and make a profit.


Math Games

  • Math Games With Playing Cards (PDF): A deck of playing cards is the only requirement to play fun games that help you hone your multiplication and division skills while trying to beat your opponent.
  • Math Madness: Play this basketball game by choosing a skill level and then practicing your multiplication or division skills.
  • Math Car Racing: You’ll have to beat the other cars by solving math problems. You earn points based on the difficulty level of the problems you solve.
  • Math Equator: Make math equations by choosing number tiles. You can add, subtract, multiply, or divide to make the numbers arrive at the answer.
  • Chances Roll the Dice Game: Explore probabilities by rolling the dice in this game to see the results. The game helps you understand the results of your dice roll.
  • Fishing Game: Practice algebraic expressions with multiplication and addition by playing this fishing game.
  • Quick Calculate: See how quickly you can calculate the answers to these math problems to get the highest score.
  • Factor Tree: You have to enter the factors of a given number to make a factor tree.


Money Games

  • Financial Soccer: Test your financial skills by playing this game that involves answering multiple-choice questions. As you answer questions correctly, you will advance down the field to score.
  • Reality Check: Imagine that you’ve graduated from high school and you are ready to step out on your own. Answer these questions to see how prepared you are to support yourself.
  • It All Adds Up: This game involves credit management skills that you will need as you live within a budget, save money, and make spending decisions.
  • Test Your Money Memory: This game will show you images and terms associated with money, and you will need to match them correctly.
  • The World of Cents: The World of Cents involves choosing your builder and a level and then building a project such as a rocket ship or a playground.
  • The Seven Denominations: Explore the seven denominations of paper money currently circulating in the United States, including $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills.
  • Escape From Barter Island: This game helps you learn how money works as you make decisions about the economy and trade of your island.
  • Live Stock Adventure (PDF): You’ll need a deck of playing cards to play this game about investments.
  • Practical Money Skills: Set a savings goal at the beginning of this game, and then work to save enough money to reach your goal.
  • Where’s George? Track a dollar bill by entering its serial number on this website.
  • Kids’ ATM: This game teaches you how to use an automated teller machine, which can enable you to make deposits and withdrawals from a bank account.
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