Student Spotlight: Michael Micai

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Class of 2015 graduate Michael Micai discusses why he chose the Robert H. Smith School of Business online MBA at the University of Maryland, his experience in the program, program benefits and how the curriculum and networking capabilities has helped him on his path to career success.


I decided to pursue my master’s degree in order to introduce a broader skill set and potential career jumps, moving further along my current trajectory.

I chose an online program because I work in an industry where flexibility isn’t easy to come by. Having my MBA program be flexible around my schedule is a heavy asset.

I chose the Smith online MBA program at the University of Maryland for their reputation, academic rigor, and the ability to fit around my demanding work schedule.

Even though the scale of the school is incredibly large, the community within Smith is very small, in that you’re always able to reach the right people at the right time.

Coming to Maryland’s College Park campus for residencies was an incredible experience because it provided an opportunity to meet and interact with other students, as well as the faculty and professors.

The caliber of the faculty is top notch. Not only are they top researchers, and top subject matter experts, but they’re also able to convey that knowledge in a meaningful way.

I was able to fit the program into my busy schedule because everything was communicated up front, was well organized, and I knew exactly what my commitments would be.

The online platform was easy and intuitive to work within because it’s well laid out, well organized, and all the content is pre-populated before you go into your classes.

My learning was enhanced by the virtual and live sessions, which gave you that sense that you were really in an interactive learning environment.

The curriculum is very relevant to today’s business environment because so many of the concepts are able to be taken and directly applied to whatever you might do as a career.

As part of the action learning project, we were able to develop a product, develop a business plan, and pitch it as though we were actually initiating a start-up.

Socializing my MBA has led to quite a few extra opportunities within the workplace, where people have seen you as operating on a higher level, so they begin to integrate you into more and more opportunities within your business.

Once I complete my MBA degree, I intend to use it as leverage to move further up vertically within my company to a higher management level.

The Smith program’s helped me prepare for the future by arming me with a world-class degree in business, as well as the tools and knowledge that I need to move forward and be successful within any business that I choose to go into.