How to Upgrade Your Career with an Online MBA in Marketing

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If you’ve been in a marketing career for any length of time, you know from experience that in this line of work, things move fast. Marketing professionals are notorious for thinking on their feet, turning work around on tight deadlines, and constantly adopting new approaches.

If you’ve been in a marketing career for some time, odds are that you thrive on this frantic pace.

But is it allowing your own career to thrive?

How to Upgrade Your Career with an Online MBA in Marketing
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Are You Ready to Move Ahead?

If you’ve been feeling stalled out in your creativity or frustrated by the limitations of your position, it’s a good sign that you are due for a career upgrade. Moving ahead in your career means a lot more than simply a pay raise or a nicer office—it means an opportunity to develop your skills, challenge your creativity and expand your potential.

But it can be difficult to get that opportunity, especially in the fast-paced (and often competitive) environment of marketing. It’s safe to say that it will be up to you to demonstrate the higher-level position that needs to be filled and show that you are the right person to fill it.

The best way to accomplish both things is to get an online MBA in marketing.

How an Online MBA Can Further Your Career in Marketing

Get a head start on the future of your field
Spending years in one position tends to narrow your field of vision. By entering a MBA program, you regain a holistic view of the marketing field…including what’s on the horizon.

According to Valentina Marin (via BusinessBecause), who started her MBA seven years into a successful career with Microsoft, “An MBA program helps you to understand business holistically…and this knowledge is key to better performance in the marketing field.”

Get outside your comfort zone
Even in a creative profession, it’s easy to fall into standardized ways of thinking. MBA classrooms are filled with people who are coming at marketing from a completely different context from yours. Rubbing shoulders (digitally, of course) with these students will spur your creative brain out of its comfort zone.

Learn while networking
Forget those cocktail hour events; you’re much better off forming a professional network among avid learners who, like yourself, are actively furthering their education in the field of marketing. According to Ed Glover, associate director of marketing recruitment at UK firm Robert Walters, “The opportunity you will have to work collaboratively with these individuals can help to produce exceptional business relationships outside of the classroom that can be utilized for greater career progression.”

Fast-track your career
Marketing professionals are known for being “self starters.” Many enter their career straight out of undergraduate school, and spend the next several years competing for the same positions (or promotions). But those who demonstrate initiative in cultivating their skills in management and overall business strategy gain the edge over their peers when senior positions become available.

Don’t Waste a Day of Your Career

For ambitious marketing professionals, there has never been a better time to begin a MBA program. Today’s online MBA programs offer significant educational value with unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to continue pursuing your career even as you prepare for a career upgrade.